Tuesday, July 12, 2011

% Tips for Career Networking Events

1: Prepare a card
Have cards to hand out (NOT resumes). The businesses know they can follow up with attendees if they want to. So be prepared. Your card should have on the front: your name, email address, phone number, Linkedin address.
On the back: your IT discipline/area of interest, your positioning statement, when you  will be available and if full or part-time.

2: Prepare yourself
Update your Linkedin page (Especially important if you are actively looking for a job). Under your name, where people usually put a title, put a statement that tells something important about what you bring to an employer (NOT a technical skill). For example: Passionate about checking details and finding solutions OR: High standards clearly communicated OR; Good ideas put into action (by the way –don’t use any of these examples…)

3: Dress for the event
You are always representing your professional self. While guys don’t need a tie, a nice shirt (not a T-shirt) looks best. Aim for neat.

4: Present your best self
Be sure to ask the recruiters for their business card, or take down names and email addresses with a pad and pen. Dinner will be a part of the event, the business people will be attending, and may notice you during dinner time. Be modest when taking your food (serving size).  Use a napkin and take care not to spill on your clothes.

5: Follow up
Whether or not anyone asks you for a card, ask for theirs. FOLLOW UP with an email thanking them for their feedback (personalize it with something they said to you -  which means, be prepared to take some notes during the mock interview feedback time), and for their time.

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